November Utah Vacation

Despite the usual woes coming from Brian when having to make a winter trip across the great divide to Utah, our trip was an absolute delight. The kids got their fill of uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents, and I……was lazy. It was the perfect vacation! Brian felt that way too. He was only in town for a total of 4 full days but he managed to stay in his pj’s, and move from sofa to sofa watching movies on his laptop. He was in heaven! Here are some pictures of the days events.


Grammie’s boxes become the best “fort-building” material ever made! Andrew spends several days playing and creating tunnels, towers, and homes.


Pre-thanksgiving festivities included a ride on Uncle Russell’s scooter, then a bit of scooter riding with the Andrews, a trip to the park, and oh yeah, single adults trying to be kids again on the monkey bars!


Thanksgiving dinner [no pictures:(] was followed by Thanksgiving bingo where everyone came out winners!


Jill and Brian go out to dinner (and then Jill with the girls for lunch) with some old medical buddies. These are just the kids 3 and under who are not in preschool/elementary school


Mom and I threw a family bridal shower for Dyana. It was well attended and Dyana looked hillarious in the gown made of the wrapping paper. We had quite a bit of Martin women show! These are my hispanic roots!!!!


Mom and I help the kids decorate a gingerbread house. The only problem was that we didn’t let the icing set before we decorated it and end up using a rubber bands (1st picture) to hold the house together.


No trip to Utah is complete without a visit with Toodie & Roy Funk. The kids love these adopted grandparents and we ended up staying over night at their house due to weather.


Grandma & Pa Woolley were in Texas while we were here in Utah but we did catch them the day after they got home for a brief visit. The kids were raging at their house and I chuckled as I watched Grandma’s eyes try to keep up with Lizzie’s antics.


This was my birthday present to Chelsea. A cool….er….maybe not so cool hat?


Pre-wedding festivities included cake making with Grammie, Dyana, and Lizzie!


Aunt Anne and cousin Blaine came to visit and the cousins played hard!


We decided to do a little “girls day out” activity complete with Pedicures and Manicures. My little Sophie and Lizzie thought this was the coolest thing ever!


Ethan just chilling with the Netster while she works from Grammies house.


We made a trip to Aunt Liz’s house and the boys were mesmorized by video games while the girls decorated the christmas tree with Aunt Liz.

These are just a few of the events we were able to do despite having Ethan be sick most of the trip. We had a blast!!! (minus the arctic air that came the day of the wedding and we had to drive through part of it on the way home! Aaargh….Brian is right again!)


2 responses to “November Utah Vacation

  1. I LOVED this blog. . . it makes me miss you guys so much already. . . When is the next trip? Okay. . .okay. . . maybe it’s time for me to make a trip back to Oregon.

  2. Papa Martinez

    You did more in two weeks than most folks do in a year… look at the variety of activities you all took in. We loved it… today Lori Seegmiller Fletcher saw the family picture in my office and asked if we ever got together as an entire family… With the biggest smile on my face I said… you bet! several times a year… what great memories… love you

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