Dyana Gets Married


My sister got married December 1st in the Salt Lake Temple to a wonderful man named Brett Valdez. I chuckle because he is as much hispanic as we are but I am sure their kids will reap the scholarship benefits based on name alone! She was a beautful bride and managed ever tiny detail to this wedding-which was of course VERY difficult on my (sometimes) controlling mother (when it comes to weddings).


The morning of the wedding we woke up to 4 inches of snow on the roads and a treacherous drive from Orem to Salt Lake City. We arrived in one piece but my husband had already started grumbling because we were suppose to drive home the next day. If weather conditions continued he posed that we would have to leave that day, possibly before the wedding reception. I was in tears needless to say and couldn’t really enjoy the wedding luncheon because I didn’t want to leave but knew it was the right thing to do. We ended up checking the weather radar and felt comfortable to leave the next morning.

 The temple was amazing and it was sure fun to be their with these huge snow flakes dropping all around us. Poor little Elizabeth was wearing shoes with holes in them (because she refused to buy new black shoes and had to have white sandals the day I was to purchase new church shoes). She started sobbing and I had to take her into the temple waiting room. Her feet were frozen. Our visit at the temple was short due to weather. This was also good as it took us a lot of time to get to the Huntsman Point Cafe for the luncheon.


The luncheon was awesome, food delicious, movie tribute to the couple LONG (but cute), and my little family looked so darn cute there.


Nettie was hillarious as she was called upon to give an impromtu tribute to the couple and ended up spoofing them! And speak of spoofing, during the ring ceremony at the luncheon, my kids were to hand little pillows my mom had made to Brett with the rings on them and Andrew ends up dropping it right at that moment!


 Afterwards, the entire family high-tailed it out of there to rush back to Orem to get ready for the wedding reception. It was so amazing how everyone mobilized to get ready for the event. This even included assembling/finishing the wedding cake 10 minutes prior to the event.




The reception was wonderful with a great turnout and fabulous food and gifts. Andrew spent most of the night eating icecream and candies from the chocolate fountain. Another funny moment was when Dyana threw the bouquet and Brian raced out, took it away from the winner, and handed it to my sister Michelle (with a little harrassment for Michelle’s boyfriend Andrew afterwards).

 I am sure happy for my darling sister and I bet she feels like the day couldn’t have gone any better. And now, as a married lady, she has entered the blog world and you can read about her adorable husband and adorable marriage, and by the way, their adorable life HERE.

 I am happy for you DYSIE MAY!


4 responses to “Dyana Gets Married

  1. Nettie Martin

    I was pretty funny. . . and the day was pretty perfect!

  2. Hey there sis! I feel honored to have made it to your blog. It was fun having you guys down for a while. Now it is our turn to make it up there. I would love to make it up to Oregon some time this year.

  3. She was a gorgeous bride — I’m so glad we got to come see everyone.

  4. I’m so sorry we missed your whole visit. We like to think of the Martins as our extended family, and we love a Martin wedding party! Your sister looked absolutely gorgeous!

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