Andrew’s 7th Birthday and Jill Learns a Lesson the Hard Way


 Andrew turned 7 this year and the plan all year long was that we would have just a couple of kids over to go bowling and have a very very small birthday party. Well, Andrew couldn’t decide on just 2 kids so it morphed to his primary class, then we added some friends from his soccer team, then we just had to add some friends from school, and then he wanted some girls, then we had some siblings that were Lizzie & Sophie’s age and by the time all had arrived we had 28 kids. TOOOOOO MANY for a mother to handle, especially when all were instructed to wear their favorite superhero costume. It was 2 of the longest hours of my life!

 But Andrew had fun, they all had fun, and I endured with the help of my best friend Sharon and her son Blake & my wonderful mother-in-law. Next year, no friends, just family (including some Martins who will be out for Thanksgiving and Andrew’s baptism). But if you add up just that amount of family clan members…28 is sounding very familier!


2 responses to “Andrew’s 7th Birthday and Jill Learns a Lesson the Hard Way

  1. just wanted to say we LOVED Andrew’s 7th birthday party and were honored to be invited. We miss you guys and please email your address for our xmas card to be sent. It is waiting for you 🙂 Love, alisha and the boys

  2. 28 KIDS!!! Are you crazy? Actually if there was one woman who could handle entertaining 28 children it would be you. Question is. . . Did you wear your Wonder Woman outfit?

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