Fall Leaves 2007


The girls have been very helpful with the fall leaf pickup project at their preschool. The only problem is they find it funner to bury themselves in the leaves then put them in the green recycle bin. You should see my laundry room floor. It is one big leafy mess! I on the other hand, single-handedly dealt with our leafy mess and made sure it was all raked/mowed up. I am a chip off the old block of my mother. While I was in Utah in November I called her to tell her that Salt Lake was covered in a snow storm she raced out and mowed her giant lawn. I called later and chuckled when I heard she was out after dark mowing her lawn. She replied, “But Jill, I had to get the last of the leaves off the ground!”


3 responses to “Fall Leaves 2007

  1. When we were in Utah the leaves were always my job. Samuel tried to help last year, but he was mostly just hamming it up for the camera! Here, we have a few tiny trees, and they pretty much all still have their leaves. It’s December 20th and 80 degrees. Craziness!

  2. Yep. . . a chip off the old block. I love it!

  3. Sounds like fun. Wish I could have seen. TELL ANDREW TO CALL BECAUSE I MISS HIM.

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