Andrew and Fall Soccer 2006


Andrew played soccer this fall and I along with my dear friend Tracey ended up being their coaches. It was a joy to be apart of, primarily because once a week I got to put on soccer shoes and run around with 7 year olds and then on Saturdays I got to lead our team to an undefeated title and leave other “father” coaches in the dust. I just wish I could take the credit for how good our team was, but truthfully, they were just gifted athletes. It was super-fun and I got a kick out of Brian being the spectator while I coached the team!

P.S. This is for Nettie


One response to “Andrew and Fall Soccer 2006

  1. Undefeated! I’m not that surprised. You were nothing but a tom boy growing up… so all that athletic ability was bound to be passed down to your boy. Thanks for the post- it made my night!

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