Ethan is the Candy Corn Thief


Ethan is at the age where he is very busy and into everything. One day last month Ethan and I were the only ones home. Ethan had crawled away and I thought he probably had headed for the bathroom. Well I followed suit and couldn’t find him in the bathroom, the boys or girls bedrooms, or the laundry room. When I went into my room for further inspection, I found him hiding behind my bed with a bag full of candy corn. I quietly ran and got my camera and when I returned and he saw me, he let out this huge giggle (caught on film!) Note to Brian-unsupervised bags of candy left on your nightstand are now free game for Ethan! You should have seen the tears he cried when his treasure was taken away from him.


2 responses to “Ethan is the Candy Corn Thief

  1. haha…that is so cute. Poor kid was probably so excited to have a quiet room and a bag full of candy all to himself. I would be. Funny.

  2. oh Jill he’s so cute! I love those pictures!

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