Nettie Spaghetti and Dysie Maisy


 Nettie and Dyana used to share a bedroom growing up. They are just a little over a year apart in age and therefore shared friends, clothes, dolls, toys, etc. growing up. They remind me of my two little girls. Different as night and day in personality and appearance but sisters nonetheless who played together and stayed together. It was not uncommon to hear fighting, screaming, tears (Dyana) and rantings (Nettie) coming from their bedroom. My mom would try to negotiate with them, then yell, then cry herself, after trying to help them solve their huge childhood dilemmas. I remember her repeatedly making the comment, “One day you will realize that your friends will come and go but your sister will always be there for you!” Well, they grew up, ended up being great friends, college roommates and then roommates in SLC as big grownup people with real jobs. Their lives are rapidly changing right now and when they sent me this recent picture I couldn’t help but think of them as my little sisters who shared a room right next door to me.


One response to “Nettie Spaghetti and Dysie Maisy

  1. I was wondering when my Blog debut was coming! 🙂 Ta ta dah!!! I will miss the late night talks, sharing a room, cooking dinner together, laughing at eachother, and occasional disagreements with my sisters! I’ve definantely cried a few tears recently just with the thought of seperation. Don’t get me wrong, I love Brett! Can’t wait 10 days in counting! But after being connect to your two older sisters for 25 years it will take some getting use too. I LOVE MY SISTER!!!!! ALL 5 EQUALLY!!! 🙂

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