Classic Quote from my 6 year old


Mom: How was playing at the Michels? Did you have fun?

Andrew: Yeah, I had fun…But Mrs. Michels was out of toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom so I wiped my bum with my socks and then washed them.

 Mom: (looking down at Andrew’s feet) Those socks?

Andrew: Yeah


7 responses to “Classic Quote from my 6 year old

  1. That’s disgusting. . . he must have learned that from his father?

    Can’t wait to see you guys this week!!!! I’m counting down the hours!

  2. Grandpa Roger thought that was quite resourceful of him! And Henry Stuart Hall-Brown’s mother said, “He solved his own problem, good for him.” I agree, don’t know about putting those washed socks back on, though!

  3. I have to say…you’ve gotta give him credit for resourcefulness. That is too funny.

  4. Andrew’s so cool! I love that picture.

  5. You are so brave to print that story! I have a whole treasure trove of things like that, but I’m afraid of what Doug would do if he read any of it!

  6. I am DYING laughing right now! Definitely love the problem solving/resourcefulness! HAHAHAHAHA!

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