Oompa Loompas


Well, my dear sisters may never forgive me but hey, when you e-mail me pictures of your halloween costume what do you expect? Michelle, Annejeanette, Christina and Chelsea (not pictured) all dressed up as oompa loompas (and yes, I did have to look up the spelling to make sure I got it right) for halloween this year and then made themselves available as hot sexy singles at a singles party. Now, if I were single I don’t know if I would have chosen this costume as the one to grab the man. First of all, are oompa loompas a gender? From the picture (see below), they look like men?


But then again, check out these hot singles and well, they look pretty darn similar.


 Apparently they were not too impressed with the consulation prize they won.


Word of advice ladies, next year try being Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!


5 responses to “Oompa Loompas

  1. It wasn’t a consolation prize. It was the prize. We won the costume contest. They just couldn’t figure out how to split the prize, Jamba Juice gift certificates, 7 ways. We’ll keep the Cowboys in mind for next year although I don’t know if they would meet the modesty requirements.

  2. oh yeah. . . I’ll just pull out one of your old cheerleading costumes. Oh wait- Blah ha ha ha!!! Yeah right. And Aubs was right- we one THE contest so BACK OFF =) it was either this or the MOTAB. . . this looked like more fun! The best part was washing and brushing our hair out. . . I think our tub is still green. Any who. . . it was fun!

  3. that last comment was by Nettie- not Aubrey again. And it was we WON THE costume contest. . . not we one the costume contest. ha ha! I think the cold medicine is kicking in. Good night!

  4. This is so funny!!! Actually I was going to make Chase be an Oompa Loompa this year, but decided against it for the sake of cleaning his hair and face. Love the costumes!

  5. You guys crack me up!!! Sometimes I miss the Martin roommate days. The costumes are great!

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