Halloween Pictures 2007


Yep, it may be November but the Halloween pictures and fun never end. I just got my kids Halloween pictures and they are adorable. I think you will all agree!





I may be a little partial but I think my Spider-Man, Barbie Princess, Beauty and the Beast Belle, and Fat Little Pumpkin are just the cutest! Halloween night we went to a wonderful party at our friends the Davis Family. They had a million appetizer choices and gourmet foods. But my process food junkie kids just kept asking, “Where’s the chicken nuggets?” Unfortunately Brian didn’t make it as he was at work but he was able to join the kids and I for trick-or-treating. Andrew loved racing from house to house to collect the candy loot. We kept telling him he had to stay with the family and not be one or two houses ahead. The kids were completely happy with their bounty. We even joined up with several other families with kids our kids’ own age. And believe it or not, Lizzy walked the entire distance without complaint until the last block. I am sure her little legs walked at least a mile over the 2 hours we were out in the neighborhood. Ethan gave up early and fortunately got to go to bed since Nana was taking care of treat duties at our house. My kids fully expect to wear their costumes to Grammie Martin’s for more Halloween festivities during our trip there November 21st. Grammie, you better be prepared! Who I am kidding, she probably has 100 lbs of candy from the 90% after Halloween sale!



4 responses to “Halloween Pictures 2007

  1. What cute Halloween pics! You sure have a cute bunch! I especially like you chubby pumpkin!

  2. How do they grow up so fast?! Love Ethan’s chubs, mom’s with skinny babies are really missing out.

  3. SO CUTE! I loved Andrew’s pose! It sounds like it was a ball. Next year Blaine will be able to come!!!!

  4. CUTE!! and I’ll say it again…you are super mom for getting their costumes all organized AND getting their pictures taken in them. What a fun memory.

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