Ethan Is One Today!


One year ago I was bulging with child feeling that he was overcooked and that he needed to come out! My mother had flown into town for a 10 day visit to help me with him. She arrived 2 days before his due date but I remained pregnant 7 days after her arrival! Finally, Brian said, “My last day off is Monday the 30th, if you want to have this baby while I am present it is tomorrow or good luck!” So, we arrived at the hospital early in the 30th and he popped out by lunchtime. All 9 pounds 2 ounces of him. He had a head full of blond hair and a very spunky personality.


 Now, one year later, 30 pounds heavier, and packed with even more personality, he is starting to walk, crawls fast for a fat man, says Dadda, Momma, Babba and Wow! He has 9 teeth and 3 inches of blond hair all situated in the back part of his head. He is a doll and we sure love him. He is a daddy’s boy and would prefer to be in Brian’s arms 24/7. He loves his siblings and finds life boring without them around.

 Happy Birthday Ethan!



5 responses to “Ethan Is One Today!

  1. What a cute, happy baby! I can’t believe he’s one already!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!! will you tell him his Aunt Nettie wishes him that! I’m SO excited for you guys to come out in just a few weeks. . . it’s been way too long since I’ve last seen you and I can’t wait to see this kid. I just smile looking at his pictures!

  3. I love his hair. How cute!

  4. what a cute little guy. happy birthday ethan! and the story about brian just cracks me up! always so sensitive that one;)

  5. Happy, happy birthday Ethan dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had a wish than it would be–a happy, happy birthday to you from me! (Kinda cheesy, I know . . .)

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