Buts and Guts Statistics This Week


My motherly duties this week have certainly been hands on. The only problem is that I want to retch while performing my motherly duties.

My kids are sick. Here are their stats. 

Vomit Count:

1. Ethan: 1 time 10pm Monday (crib bumber, bed linen, blankets, two stuffed animals, pajamas)

2. Sophie: 5 times all Wednesday/Thursday (bedroom carpet, hallway hardwoods, clothing, hair)

3. Elizabeth: 1 time Friday 1am (bedroom carpet, bed linen, bed quilt, pillow sham, pillow cover, bed skirt, mom’s bedroom, clothing, hair) [BTW-anyone know how to get out pink vomit stains? I think she either had red soda or red candy, don’t know I had a babysitter]

4. Andrew: I am sure I am going to get a call from his teacher any minute.

 Diarrhea Count:

1. Ethan: 20 times (crib bedding twice, clothing 5 times, car seat twice, kitchen highchair once)

Tired Mom: Yes

Tired Dad: No

Volume of Carpet Cleaner Needed: One 32 ounce bottle

Laundry Performed: 6 complete bed linen changes translating into 8 loads of laundry. And to think I didn’t have a running washing machine until Tuesday this week.

And FYI: I went to lunch with some friends for my birthday and Ethan had once of his explosive diarrhea episodes en route. I pick him up from his car seat and find it and his pants saturated in liquidy(sp?) diarhea. I have no change of clothing and therefore remove the pants and diaper. Put on clean diaper. Leave dirty diaper under car to be removed after going into restaurant (so as not to leave my car smelling stinky). I return from lunch to my car and find one unkind note requesting I take my trash with me when I leave. People can some times have no idea!


One response to “Buts and Guts Statistics This Week

  1. So sorry about all the ill kids, no fun. Happy belated birthday! Lots of love from us!

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