The Vintage Blender


My blender recently broke and I asked my mother-in-law if she knew of any way to find replacement parts. She states she doesn’t know where to find replacement parts but happens to have a blender in storage. She brings it over to me and it is soooooooooo old. I look at it and asked if it was hers from her wedding. She replies that it was one she took from her old friend Diana Gardner’s mother’s house when Diana was moving her mom. My question is…..where does she keep all this stuff?


2 responses to “The Vintage Blender

  1. Well. . . if your phones die soon- I think Mom and Dad still have their old olive green rotary dial telephone. . . It’ll look great next to that blender. Sometimes I miss those old phones. . . but my finger are probably too big and fat to fit in the little circles. Thank goodness for speed dial =)

  2. I actually really like the look of that old thing, but I’ve been known to like weird old stuff (like my house). I know where mom keeps all of that stuff — don’t you ever open any of her closets? And now she has a whole extra house for stuff like that. I’ve told her more than once that we’re doing something about all of that before she dies — if I have to clean it all out after her death, I’ll kill her!

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