Minced Meat Pie and My Famous Mother-in-law


My sister-in-law Liz recently did an amazing post on quince jelly where she was able to make contact with a delightful woman in England who does lots of wonderful recipes and is quite self sufficient with her gardening. Well, Rozanne happened to notice quite a few people wanted to know what to do with their green tomatos. She made the comment with the English Lady about green tomatoes and how she uses them for minced meat pie filling and also told her about her wonderful crumb topping. Well the lady thought that was worth sharing with all her friends in England and then she blogged Rozannes recipe.

 By the way, for my birthday, unrelated to the said events above, I actually requested a minced meat pie and I am telling you it was the best present ever! Yummmmmmm!


4 responses to “Minced Meat Pie and My Famous Mother-in-law

  1. To be honest, minced meat pie doesn’t sound like it would be up my alley…but I don’t know what it consists of, so maybe I need to try it and I would like it!

    ….and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!

  2. There isn’t any meat (there used to be at one time). It’s mainly apples, raisins,spices,etc. It’s tangy, and yummy with the crumb topping.

  3. We are going to make Rozanne’s recipe this weekend. Really looking forward to tasting it!

  4. Why is it that I laugh every time I see a picture of Elizabeth? Everyone will have big smiles and then there’s Elizabeth! Oh she is so funny and so strong willed AND she’s only 4!!! This post almost makes me want to make mincemeat pie. . . I have always had a bad idea of this pie. It reminds me of when Michelle and I went to the Kramer house and Rosalie offered us pie- I got the cherry slice and Michelle got the mincemeat pie. We don’t like raisins so Michelle was picking them out of her pie while she ate it. Rosalie was like “Oh. . . do you not like raisins?” and Michelle’s response was “Oh no. . . I love them! I save them for the last”. After that Michelle has to force them down- she was almost ill. . .like to the point that she was forcing herself not to heave. Hahahaha. . . that story always makes me laugh. love ya!!!

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