Another bunch of reason’s I love my mother-in-law


I have to admit that I have the coolest mother-in-law. She does so many things for me on a daily basis without complaint. Just recently I was having a conversation with her about how much she helps me and she said she hardly does anything for me. Well, here is a list of the “hardly anything” she does for me just in the past two weeks.

1.  I called her from preschool to tell her I forgot my girl’s apples they were suppose to bring and I didn’t have time to go home to get them and she was willing to run over with apples. Then, 2 minutes after I hung up, I call to tell her nevermind, they have extras. (I know within that 2 minutes she had showered/changed/and was rummaging in the fridge for apples).

2. She takes my girls to school in the morning every mon-wed-fri at 9am.

3. She brings storyboard books for the kids to look at during church to keep them quiet along with that precious package of fruit snacks for each of them.

4. She reassures me my kids are my jewels and to just enjoy them when she can tell it has been a trying day. In fact, she will take the said “trying” child home with her when needed.

5. She picks up 30 pound-o-Ethan as he loves to be held by his Nana despite the potential backbreaking possibilities.

6. She babysits at the drop of a dime when I need the kids watched.

7. She does all my mending, Brian’s mending, my kids mending, including a new jacket I tore on my mini-van just yesterday.

8. She cooks pot roast or bakes a chicken for dinner on Sundays.

9. She brang us chicken soup when we were all a little sick two weeks ago.

10. I won’t even mention how much the kids love her TJ Max habit.

11. She will fix Brian lunch if he is in between cases and calls her. (This, despite the fact he could call his own wife!!!)

12. She brings me my organic egg supply weekly.

13. She cooks goodies and saves one for us. This week: pumpkin muffins.

Let me just remind you this has all been in the past 2 weeks. My list could be endless. I love you Rozanne.


P.S. I just wish all her grandkids were living here in Medford and all her daughters/in-laws could feast upon my good luck having Rozanne in town!


6 responses to “Another bunch of reason’s I love my mother-in-law

  1. Alright, should I be feeling guilty for not paying tribute to my own other-in-law?! I definitely agree, Jill, Rozanne is tops!

  2. Rozanne is the best! I love visiting the R&R Hall when we go to Oregon because I’m guarenteed one good meal- Sunday dinner at their home! JK Jill- your cooking isn’t bad- but Rozanne always goes all out when she has us over for dinner. Love that last picture! Ethan looks like he just might jump off her lap!

  3. I am touched and flattered by Jill’s words, but truly I am the blessed one. We wish all of our kids and grandkids were in close proximity. It’s fun to share life with family, friends too!

  4. We think your mother-in-law is great, too!

  5. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous sometimes. I wish we could be there more often. I’m glad you like her so much — imagine living so close if you didn’t get along!

  6. You are so cute, Jill. I’m sure you made Mom’s month. This made me excited to move to the Rogue Valley. Just the support and fun we’ll have by being near family! Plus, Mom sent some homegrown gourds and mini-pumpkins home with Blaine and Taylor and I’m just dying thinking about the abundance of Mom and Dad’s garden!

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