Field Trip With Andrew


Andrew’s class went on a field trip to White’s Country Farm. I was able to go as a parent volunteer and it was just me and my boys. The 1st grade teachers had rented an inflatable obstacle course for the kids to explore. I even took a turn on it. Once was enough.


After the obstacle course, the kids were allowed to feed animals in a petting zoo and then proceed to get lost in a corn maze. The gave their teacher a 10 second head start then went looking for him. They had so much fun. Andrew has a “girlfriend.” Her name is Darby (see picture below). He told me he loves her because she teaches him how to draw horses. In exchange, he showed her how to draw robots. Now, Darby is the daughter of one of my husbands partners. Her father also just started a microbrewery called the Southern Oregon Brew Pub. Brian chuckled and told Darby’s dad that he would let Andrew marry Darby especially because it made Andrew the heir to the Brewery. Darby’s dad didn’t think that was too funny!


 After the corn maze and petting zoo, we went on a tractor wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. Each child was instructed by their teacher that they had to carry their pumpkin all the way back to the bus, therefore, don’t pick a big one! Check out the pumpkin Andrew chose!


Andrew has many buddies in his class but these ones are his favorite!


It was a great field trip and we had a good time. I was especially thrilled because Andrew was so excited that I was there. His mom!


3 responses to “Field Trip With Andrew

  1. That just seems like the perfet fall day. You are one lucky mom!

  2. HOW FUN!! I googled this farm you went to after I read your post and I think, weather permitting, we are going to head out there on Sat.

  3. OOOH I just love field trips! So fun! And hilarious about Andrew and his Darby. Love,
    Anne and Tay

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