Ethan is Upright


 This past week Ethan has really become consistent with standing in place without falling over. In fact, he can move from a sitting to standing position without any assistance by objects to help him. He has also discovered all of my cupboards. I haven’t had to baby proof for so long that this has been very difficult because my rag drawer is no longer beautifully folded, my kitchen utensil tools are found in other drawers and his bottles are also scattered. The kids bathroom is worse as he has discovered the toiletpaper stash, the shampoo/conditioner, and all the bath toys. I guess I just got to get over it and sacrifice a little cleanliness for such a cool kid. The best is when he knows he is in a drawer he shouldn’t be in and once scolded, gets down on all fours and bolts off with a giggle.


3 responses to “Ethan is Upright

  1. It’s so weird to only see nieces and nephews a couple times a year, because you forget that they’re growing up! Holy smokes I can’t belive Ethan is almost one year old!

  2. Okay. . . that kid is STINKIN cute! Does her ever stop smiling? I can’t wait to have you guys out here in November! It’s going to be so much fun!!!!!!

  3. He is a doll — even if he’s scattering ladles and spatulas throughout the house (hate that stage!).

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