I have a hard time thinking that my little family is complete. I know for medical, health, social, and psychological reasons I should be done. I was actually comforted by the fact that my sister-in-law Liz said that the mormon 4 kid family is the new 8 (truly wise verbage). Because I agree that in this day and age it is a lot more difficult to raise a large family. I admire greatly those who still do. Truthfully, I wish I was one of them. Even just one more…. I think, to be serious, that one of my biggest hang-ups with not having any more kids is the fact that my girls won’t have a gaggle of sisters. I grew up with 5 other sisters and I can’t tell you how much I love each and every single one. I try to imagine what life would be like if my mom had stopped at child #4 and I get sad. Now, I know that some girls have all brothers, or one brother, or no sister and they grow up fine and can probably tell me all sorts of wonderful childhood experiences with their siblings. But I think my opinion really only comes from the root of my experience. I know my sisters are a rare breed. We don’t bicker, backbite, wine, or complain about each other (although I remember many fights as a child). We can be blunt and love to tease but we truly get along well and would do anything for each other. We want to be in each other’s lives, we make efforts to do so. And even though we span an age gap of 14 years, they are still all my best friends.

 I love you girls. Can my girls have as good as experience with just having each other?


9 responses to “Sisters

  1. Your sisters are so wonderful! We love your family.

  2. I can only imagine how fun a whole gaggle of sisters would be. But I had sisters, plus sister-cousins, plus a giant gaggle of girlfriends. So I feel confident that Sophie and Lizzie can have similar blessings to yours.

  3. I’m coping with this same thing, kind of, except I might be able to have one more. Maybe. I keep wishing Mary could have a sister, but you know what? I know several sisterless people, and they are all great and very happy. Every family is different, and we can’t necessarily control what ours looks like. Unless we are Angelina Jolie, and then maybe we can. Anyway, you know that I think a doctor telling you to stop is pretty much law, since that’s the family I was raised in — it is so, so important to guard your own health. Your girls won’t have a gaggle, but they’ll have each other, and that will be great for them. Should we plan a trip to China, and we’ll each bring home a girl? I’m kidding. Mostly.

  4. I can’t have any more kids for physical reasons and I too grew up with 5 sisters. At first I felt bad because my girls only have each other. Now, we just reinforce that. “Treat your sister nicely, you only have each other!”

  5. I love my “gaggle” of sisters to! If mom did stop at #4 the saying “save the best for last” would be true wouldn’t it? Hahaha. . . JK! Love the blog Jill- nice little reminder of how much I to love my 5 best friends.

  6. I didn’t grow up with a gaggle of sisters, but the age span between us is still 14 years. Although we weren’t always the best friends growing up, I definitely consider Christina one of my best friends now. But I have also been very blessed with wonderful cousins and cousins-in-law. I got to create my own gaggle! Your girrls will also have an amazing experience.

  7. what a bunch of cute girls!

  8. Oh, I think your girls will love to have each other…they are already buds, aren-t they? and Anne makes a good point…friends are good too! If you have it in you to go through it again, you could adopt another girl or two! But I will tell you what, I am getting pretty nervous….I broke down a couple nights ago about what-s coming…not the mothering, the actual placement… Can I do this?

    (ps – my apostrophes aren-t working! Grrr)

  9. Nettie infomed me I was expected to comment more so in that case, here’s my comment… I am waiting to appear in a blog before I make more comments. I mean I have heard the girls, mostly Lizzy, ask for me a time or two. The sister blog is very cute, and you girls are all very lucky to have each other.

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