My First Mtn Bike Ride in Medford

So I have lived here for over 2 years and I finally dusted off my Mtn Bike and tried a ride here in town (while 3 out of 4 kids were in school). I rode my bike for the first time since arriving here just a month ago when my sister and her boyfriend were in town and we rode up by Fish Lake. I didn’t know of any trails in Medford and was thrilled to realize there is a trail I can take from my house to the top of Roxy Ann with little coverage on paved roads. My friends who took me even brought a bike trailer for her (not me) to drag Ethan up to the top. You can see the whole valley in 360 degree panorama! It was awesome and while up there we did the loop twice! Ethan could have done without the second loop. He was miffed. My feet throbbed (due to the lovely RA) but not to the degree that I had to stop. It was such a great trip. This coming Friday we are going to do some bike paths in Ashland.


One response to “My First Mtn Bike Ride in Medford

  1. Good for you! You’re awesome and what a great friend to pull the trailer up the hill for you!

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