Picking Blackberries

So one evening this past month we couldn’t get ahold of my in-laws at their home. We assumed they must be up at the ranch getting the 2nd cut done on the north field. The sun was setting and it was a beautiful evening so Brian suggested we all go for the drive out to the ranch. We drive out to the north field and find Roger and Rozanne. Roger is baling the hay and Rozanne is moving bales out of his way when necessary and then picking blackberries when not needed. Their farm has large stretches of blackberries that were ripe for the picking all summer and not even a fraction were picked! We needed more time and more manpower.


 The kids hopped out of the car and helped Nana pick blackberries. She instructed them on the importance of the size, shape, and color of the blackberries she was picking. I thought this moment was so precious.

 Then, I went up to see if I could help and I started screaming hysterically after I noticed the Spider #1 on the left. I could have put my hand into its web, AND, more importantly, what if my kids had? Brian starts laughing saying that it’s a big spider but don’t expect to see that kind of thing all the time. So I proceed to pick a few more berries and then come across Spider #2 on the right. By this point I feel like ants, spiders, lions, and tigers are crawling all over my body and the serene mood and special family moment is completely lost.

 The whole family is giggling at me and all Lizzie can say is that she wants to catch a bug and take it home. NOT THOSE BUGS! I exclaim. Then Nana and the girls go on a bug huntinig expedition, where we are able to catch one moth but that is it (and we lost it by the time we got to the car).

Then Brian notices some ducks in the canal. Could it be? Our ducks! Aaaah….Sophie and I start to run towards them to check them out and they flew away into the sunset.

 This evening was a beautiful family moment….minus the spiders.


2 responses to “Picking Blackberries

  1. Beautiful pictures. Love the one of the ducks in the sunset.

  2. What a great post. I was sad not to be there for blackberry season this year. Next year, we’re coming at harvest time for sure. My boys would have been so excited about those spiders!

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