First Day of School

Here are my kids on their first day of school.

This is Andrew on his first day in his stylish new school clothes and those expensive shoes. He also got a transformers lunchbox. I forgot I have to be smart enough to be prepared with food for my son by 7am every morning. So far so good. Thank goodness he is easy.

This is Lizzie with Mrs. Retzlaff. They are getting along wonderfully and I am thrilled to see Lizzie is playing with other kids and not being shy. Mrs. Retzlaff is warm and friendly, just what Lizzie needs.

Here is Sophie with Mrs. Schmoor. Sophie loves her teacher and already as a half dozen friends in her class. She is my social butterfly who everybody loves!

Then after they all went there various ways I went home and sat in silence (while Ethan took his nap) at the house. I didn’t do a thing but vegetate. I turned on mindless Entertainment TV (I needed my Britney Spears fix). I felt like the weight of a 1000 pounds had been lifted. Then I missed my kids and kept checking the clock to see when they would all be home. I am sure glad for school so that I miss and appreciate them and sure glad for summer when they are here around me at all times.  My kids are growing up…Ethan just looked at me and picked his nose. I guess he is home for another 4 long years….now he is smiling at me (I think it’s gas!)


3 responses to “First Day of School

  1. I CANNOT believe that Andrew is in the first grade!

  2. Are the girls in all-day kindergarten or a preschool?

  3. I love my kids, but boy do I love it when they’re all at school! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, no?

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