I Give In To My Little Ballerinas

So to complicate my life a little more, I am allowing my daughters to take ballet. It’s just an introductory course with an introductory price (then we will see if they have hooked me).

 Regardless, the girls love having to abide by the dress code (pink leotards, hair in buns) and they look forward to their weekly lesson with their friends.

I snapped these pictures prior to their lesson getting started. More to come…..

…or not…..I just told Lizzy that I was putting her picture on my computer about her ballet classes and she replied, “I hate ballet!”



6 responses to “I Give In To My Little Ballerinas

  1. Oh but they look so cute! How fun!

  2. Of course, I’m a little biased, but I think ballet is really, really good for little girls. Discipline, posture, fitness, what’s not to like? I wouldn’t force it on a girl who hated it, but I so hope Mary will want to do it. Lizzy and Sophie look adorable.

  3. Such beautiful ballerina’s! They look like such little buddies!

  4. Ha! Lizzy is hilarioius. I’m with Liz–totally biased and pro-ballet. I think it’s the greatest!

  5. They are adorable. I bought Delia a leotard the other day and was so excited for her to play dress-up, but she wasn’t at all interested!

  6. Classic Lizzy. . . that kid kills me!

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