March IV (Final)


While in Utah we made our 2nd annual swim trip to the Lehi Recreational pool and this time I had a gaggle of Martin ladies with me. The kids loved the water features and even Ethan got into the spirit of pool time. I remember when Sophie was a babe and I would take her to the pool. She would turn purple and start shivering instantly. This was largely in part to the fact she still does not have any body fat on her bones (she takes after her Nana Hall). Ethan, on the other hand, has nearly 30 pounds of blubber keeping him warm and he was delightful for the 2 hours we were there.


Teenager Chelsea got a high school job at an ice cream shop. The catch: it is a shop where you mix all the ingredients raw and then add nitrous oxide as a freezing element and there you have it-ICE CREAM! What Martin has ever turned down ice cream (besides Andrew Martin Hall)? I worked at a burger/shake shop called Stan’s Drive-In on 900 East in front of the old “Palace” when I was in college. I must have had a cheeseburger and shake twice weekly for 4 years. Ummm can we say “bad for your body!!!” And yeah, I did know better. But come on, how do you say no to a cookie dough/oreo combination ice cream shake or those yummy big fries with the secret seasoning salt. MMMmmmmmm…..yummy even today! Words of advice for my children who will be prone to liking food as much as their mother and father, “DON’T WORK IN FAST FOOD!!!”


For another celebration of my sister Christina’s birthday we went to CHUCK-E-CHEESE Pizza House. Now, we all know that Tina adores my children and would do anything she could for them. So, instead of choosing an adult place for dinner (which we ended up doing anyways later), it was a kids fest! Brian splurged as we all know he will and bought enough coins to last 2 hours and the kids (and adults) got all of those urges out of them to play like kids. It was hillarious to see us adults trying to do better than Andrew at some of these games. The kids ended up with a gazillion tickets which of course probably cost $50 dollars in cash and they received 2 cent tootsie rolls and stickers that cost millions of tickets each! They didn’t care. Neither did I. It was fun to be there with them. But, I am sure glad that this place does not exist in Medford.


Our Utah trip would not be complete without a picture of Teddy Dog in it. The poor dog put up with my kids antics for a week and survived (much to my dismay). I am ready for that growling, peeing, nibbling, cuddly furball to bite the dust (my mom too!).


Prior to the wedding, we ladies decided to “pamper” ourselves with a little girls outing for Pedicures/Manicures. The only problem is Martin girls are cheap. So when we called around to find the best price it ended up being some hair and nail technical college. We all go and find out we get to dip our feet (no joke) in a bucket of cool water, have some girl trying too hard to file our feet to oblivian, and then take an hour to paint our nails. It was no pampering, if anything, the biggest, most hillarious joke we could have played on ourselves! But-we were all together.

What a fun month!


2 responses to “March IV (Final)

  1. Okay. . . so March was quite the fun month. I’m laughing right now because I just remembered how much fun WE had at CHUCK-E-CHEESE . Remember the circle game where the light flashed around and where it stop had a ticket value assigned to it. The goal was to get it to stop on the jackpot section-which we never did but we did get very close (those things are totally rigged). The best part was that Jill was swaying side to side like she was a rapper or something. She said it helped her? Jill. . .1 out of 135 people who play that game get the jackpot. . . nevertheless I think we tried the game 134 times! BLAST!!!!If only we tried one more time! Good times! thanks for the fun memories!

  2. Reading this post just made me think about Stan’s. I could go for one of those cheeseburgers! Yum!

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