Michelle Brings a Boy


 My sister Michelle is amazing. She is 27, single, fit, sassy, sexy, comical, spiritual,  cheerful, positive, smart, charitable, and most importantly…in love:) She brought her beau to Oregon to get the full screening from her big sister Jilly and her ruthless brother-in-law Brian! Andrew Cardon took all of the poking and prodding from us in stride. He remained ever cheerful and full of quick witted banter with Brian even as he was ruthlessly pressed about the “M” word. Andrew is from Arizona, an RM who served in Italy (and isn’t the Italian language so romantic!), is a graduate of BYU, works in SLC, and has a wonderful family whom my sister Michelle loves. He also showed his true colors when he went and supported my sister as she ran a marathon. She was completing the last few miles and was starting to struggle when Andrew surprised her and ran the last few miles with her. What a guy!

When Michelle mentioned she had some time off and wanted to come to visit her sister,  Andrew said he wanted to tag along. Then, when room opened up in the car, my parents said they too wanted to tag along. So picture my dad, mom, Andrew, Michelle, and Chelsea the chaperone all sandwhiched in a honda accord with 4 days worth of luggage with them! Then, poor Andrew put up with the fact that we stuck him away from the rest of the family in the unfinished section of the basement on an old futon. He still smiled every day (or was it a forced smile through the back pain)?

While they were here they were able to have a visit to the ranch where they each had a ride on the horses (including Chelsea the chaperone).


We also went up to Lake of the Woods to the Hall cabin for some Mtn Biking and swimming! And by the way, the most hillarious event up there was when my mom stepped into the lifeboat that Sophie was sitting in, popped Sophie up in the air and my mom toppled over backwards, HILLARIOUS! The best was the repeat occurence on the second attempt, and then, on the 3rd try…SUCCESS!


 They also humored us and came and observed both Brian and I in our horseback lessons. At least the lessons were out in the beautiful Applegate Valley and it was a fun ride. By the way, check out my form!


It was especially fun to have some fun female time with my mommy. And yes, it was too short of time to chat with my mommy. We also enjoyed ourselves at some local restaurants!


I think that the thing that may have been the biggest factor in my approval of Andrew was the fact that I found out that he was related to one of the greatest men I know, Parley Hamblin. Parley is a dear friend of my in-laws, a former stake president, mission president, and now patriarch of our stake. If this worked out with my sister and Andrew, and we somehow became related to this great man and his wonderful wife whom I adore, both Brian and I agree that we might be able to ride on the coat tails of Parley & Katherine into heaven!


Regardless we had a great visit. We liked Andrew. And aren’t they a cute couple?



4 responses to “Michelle Brings a Boy

  1. So GREAT and I read it on my new computer!

  2. Wow. I think I might want to marry him now.

    Seriously, how exciting for Michelle, and she looks fantastic! Cute couple.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I love this. . . you are such a great sister. . . can I just use your blog as my journal? hahah. . . Hey I found this site that will convert y our blogs into those photo books? I didn’t know if that was something you’d be interested in but here’s the link: http://www.blurb.com/create/book/blogbook

  4. I will never forgive Greg for not marrying your sister! I don’ know if she was even interested, but I was so looking forward to an even better connection ith the whole Martin clan! Keep us updated!

    p.s. Nettie, thanks for that link!

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