Neglected Nettie


Poor Negleted Nettie, Not a post about sweet Nettie. Not a mention of Nettie. Not even the littlest Note about Nettie. What’s a Nettie to do? She would Never make a comment on a blog about it! Nice Nettie would Never do that! Neither would Nettie request an ode to Nettie!

Aahhh….poor Nettie. We should pay tribute to Nettie.


Nice Nettie: She is sincerely one of the friendliest gals around.

Nighttime Nettie: Nettie doesn’t know that a traditional work day ends at 5pm. How about 2am, 3am, oh, let’s just stay all night! But have you seen her work? It’s amazing!


Noisy Nettie: Have you heard her laugh?

Nonconformity of a Martin Nettie: Nettie is certainly not the classic Martin girl. She actually likes grass roots bands, art, and fashion (although she is tutoring the youngest in her fine wisdom).


Nursemaid Nettie: Only she would entertain all of the kids at my brother’s wedding while the rest of us gorged ourselves on good food and visiting.

Non-nosy Nettie: She is the only Martin girl who knows how to keep her mouth shut! Does anyone really know what Nettie is thinking?


Nails Nettie: Nettie does Not Necessarily Need her Nails done to feel complete. After her first Pedicure (if you can call it a pedicure) she No longer Needed another (I don’t blame you).

Nervous Nettie: The B word makes her Nervous. (B-O-Y-S)


Nacho Nettie: What Martin doesn’t like food from Mi Ranchito! Plus–she’s a quarter hispanic and doesn’t she look it!

Navigation Nettie: Come on, she’s got class zipping around town in her adorable Jetta. Her snazzy VW epitomizes the gal!


Nautical Nettie: Nettie loves swimsuits, suntans, and swimming-j/k But she sure is a good aunt in the pool with her favorite nieces and nephews.

Noble Nettie: She truly has Noble qualities and is a daughter of God.


Nonathletic Nettie: Never put Nettie on a basketball court, baseball diamond, but I’ve heard possibly on a tennis court!

Nauseous Nettie: Nettie has more real ear infections and sore throats than anyone I know. Could it be related to Nighttime Nettie?


Nanny Nettie: Nettie loves to snuggle with her Sophie, her Lizzy, her Andrew, and her Ethan. She loves to help at dinnertime, bathtime, and bedtime. But ask her to help you wake kids up in the morning and get them all out the door by 7a.m. Not going to happen!

Nickname Nettie: How cool would it be to have the Nickname Nettie, Nettles, Net, Netster, Nettie Spaghetti?


Nurse Nettie-NOT

No-show Nettie: Only Nettie would claim not to come to Oregon because she has to work (and then can be found in NYC, Bahamas, Florida, California, and at any rock band concert-we don’t blame you!)


Nonstick Nettie: Only she can razz Brian and take his teasing insults in stride and throw them right back at him. He can’t get them to stick. She’s amazing (I am still trying to learn this fine art).

Nostrils Nettie: Love that nose!


Northpole Nettie: Certainly her favorite season of clothing-fall/winter. And boy has she got style!

 Nonfiction Nettie: What was the last book you read Nettie?


Needle Knitting Nettie (we will give it an honorary “N”): Her tigers are crucial to my boys. We love your stitchin’ ability. Bedtime isn’t the same without them.

Nit-picky Nettie: As a child she would eat a very specific list of foods and nothing else. She basically ate lots of cold cereal.


Nonprofit Nettie: I mean come on, she is the poor struggling artist in the family. Not the rich nurse!

Nocturnal Nettie: Ask her roommates.


Nutritious Nettie: Nettie knows that a bowl of cereal CAN BE EATEN on the freeway while driving to work. And she is the only Martin who will join our family for some good sushi!

Nordic Nettie: A very good snowboarder.


Noodle Nettie: I’ve heard stories about a late night, her nostrils, some cousins and a spaghetti noodle.

Neat Nettie: Her roommate (and sister) find her very organized and orderly–NOT!


 Nylon Nettie: Boy when this girl dresses up she is one hot sexy gal!

Nomadic Nettie: Where’s Nettie going to live in 6 months?  Not in the home she was going to build on the land she sort-of bought!


Narcotic Nettie: Don’t give her a pair of tweezers and tell her just to “lightly touch-up” your eyebrows.

Nuts and bolts Nettie: Certainly the one to go to with any music question and I-pod related question, because hey, she’s owned 3 already.

 Love ya Nettie-


7 responses to “Neglected Nettie

  1. I love reading your blog, but this one deserved a comment. It made me laugh out loud a few times and such truth! It’s great. Can’t wait for Nettie to see it.

  2. I want to know how a tired mom came up with so many “n” words! Can you do me next? (Totally kidding, do not spend your time on that!) This was so fun and funny.

    I just have to add that Nettie was a sight for sore eyes three weeks ago when I had just come home from the hospital. The flowers she brought (I assume she picked them out?) were to die for — definitely chosen by a woman of taste. And she had the same big Martin-girl hug Jill would have had, had she been here.

    Aren’t we Halls lucky to not only have Jill, but occasionally the company of her awesome siblings?

  3. Nettie is my one of a kind-er… Don’t let the poor artist line fool you. She is a successful designer and her quarterly bonuses make me envious… She is going to surprise us all…. She knows and understands her divine nature and her gifts. She understands the balance that is found in nature and transposes that careful balance in her work. We all find peace in her work. She has a tinge of red in her hair to match the peppery personality that I love. She’s my spit-fire daughter. And my favorite 26 year old in the world. Nettie is my name I gave her. Aren’t we glad it wasn’t AJ or Angie… Nettie is a one of a kinder name for a super daughter of Heavenly Father. I am so glad I had six daughters instead of six sons. I prefer perms over pinewood derby projects! Daddy daughter dates over sitting in a cold spring baseball game. I love all my daughters. They bring me joy.

  4. Jill, your dad leaves the sweetest comments. And this just might be your best post ever! wow! so many “N” words — I’m impressed to the Nth degree. (ok, cheesy! I’m done.) Just love it when you spotlight the greatness of others on your blog…it’s so fun.

  5. Here are some memories I have about Nettie: When we came out to meet the Martins and Nettie (and which other sisters??) took me and Christina all around like we were long-time friends. We went to that mega-scary haunted house and I held on tight to the back of Nettie’s jacket! And I had Sharing the Gospel class with Nettie. On the first day we had to introduce ourselves. She said, “I’m Nettie Martin and my mom won’t let me go on a mission.” It was so classic! I’m with Liz–we totally scored when it comes to families-in-law!

  6. Hahaha. . . I’m laughing so hard right now because I totally forgot that Anne and I had that class together. And I can’t believe that I actually said that! Jill you’re the best sister. . . I wasn’t expecting this- I thought I would have gotten a paragraph and a picture- but this was great! You have always been such an example to me. . . I love and admire you in so many ways. Thanks!

  7. How fun! Jill, where did you find time?! Does everyone know what you’ve been doing in your “yard”?! Nettie, I am dying to actually see some of your work. I look at a lot of scrapbook papers, so maybe I’ve seen some. Great post and great photos, just delightful! You are special, as are all the Martins.

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