March III



No trip to Utah is complete without a trip to Mi Ranchito in Orem. It is the Martin family restaurant favorite and there usually has to be an occasion to coincide with the trip (so we don’t leave without a free dessert!!!). This time the occasion was a belated birthday for Brian and an on time birthday for Christina. Regardless the occasion, the chips and salsa are divine and I just love their enchiladas! The whole family was together on this occasion which made it super special (almost a mexican thanksgiving you might say!). The kids got a hold of the camera can you tell?


Despite the fact that Easter was 4 weeks away, that never stopped my mom from starting early with regards to celebrating holidays! She was bound and determined to have her grandkids have a Grammie style Easter Egg Hunt (complete with 900 eggs). So, we had not one but 3 different hunts which my children enjoyed immensely. It was a beautiful sight to see colorful eggs dispersed across the snow. Each of my kids made a haul.


Cameron and Rachel flew into town for the festivities. It was great to see them and I am such a lucky gal to have such wonderful sister-in-laws. Rachel really is an amazing gal! Who would have thought when my brothers were these little punks that Russell would tower over Cameron but Cameron would have more hair than Russell? One is definitely Woolley, the other Martin. I guess poor Andrew is destined to <6 ft of height but lots of hair on his chest! Whereas Ethan will have 2 hairs on his chest but be >6ft.


We stopped for a visit at Toodie and Roys and were able to have a wonderful dinner prepared by Toodie. Despite her knack for loving a good restaurant and frequent visits to such places, she really is an amazing cook and when we get to go to her house for dinner we know it will be a delicious feast.


Speaking of feasts we also got together with the Hall clan that was in town for a delicious meal of enchiladas verde at the Lamberts. Brian and Doug Roberts spent the entire evening talking politics and we women talked about shopping, children, babies, etc. while our own children ran rampant around Liz’s house. Since this visit, my husband’s cousin Sarah and Doug moved to Texas. A great opportunity for them, a sad loss for us as we won’t get to visit in Utah with them on our trips through town.


After these events Andrew was ready to call it a night and collapsed sideways into bed, complete with a sucker still in his mouth!


6 responses to “March III

  1. Jill,
    You inspire me to do more journaling on my blog! Now I just have to DO it!

  2. What fun pictures you always have! (I think I have said that before!) Love the pic of Brian at Mi Ranchito – like “get that camera out of my face” Ha ha!!
    I also love that your mom still had to have the easter egg hunt. I remember once while living in Utah going to my Uncles famous easter egg hunt with snow on the ground! It really is cool looking!

  3. I think I’ve said this before, but I can hardly remember what happened last month, let alone 6 months ago! Way to go and preserving the memories. Good thing for blogging, now maybe less stuff will get lost in the void that is my memory!

  4. How funny that Traci noticed Brian’s expression in that picture — I was going to say the exact same thing!

  5. Oh!! my day is complete now. I love new blogs. Still waiting for the Ode to Nettie! Remember I too once lived with you and changed your kids diapers, gave them baths and got up with them in the middle of the night- oh wait- scratch that last part- but I did entertain Brian with constant banter! J/K! Love ya sista!

  6. Oh Jill you really are such a good blogger. How do you keep up with all this! Fun to see all the pictures.

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