Summer Swim Days


We  have spent a great deal of time in the sun enjoying our friends’ and neighbors’ swimming pools. Andrew has learned to swim well enough that he can swim across the length of the pool. Lizzy has gone from just floating in the water with a floatie on to practicing swimming under water in the 3 ft section. Sophie can do front flips off the edge of the pool and jump off the diving board with her floatie. She has on 2 occasions forgotten she didn’t have a floatie on and did one of her fancy jumps only to be in a panic! Thank goodness for mommy lifeguards! Ethan loves to just dip his lower half. He kicks his feet and then, after about 10 minutes, is done. At this point he is definitely showing signs of his Grandpa Martin’s dislike for water. But at least Ethan actually got in his swim trunks more than grandpa did, which was only twice!


One response to “Summer Swim Days

  1. I love these pictures, Jill. Glad the kids have friends to swim with so they don’t have to use our cold pool. I miss seeing them swim though.

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