Tub Time


 My kids are so stinkin’ cute when they take a bath. My kids love to play in the tub. They pull out the same toys they have been playing with since Andrew was a toddler including all the chewed on foam toys, the broken water wheel, the sponge squishy sharks, and the little cups they love to fill with water. If I let them they would spend an hour in the tub. Andrew will watch for when his fingers start to get mottled and he will tell me his hands say it is time to get out. Ethan loves the bath and has no problem getting his face wet. Our ritualistic fight is with shampooing the girls hair. They hate getting their heads scrubbed and the constant threat of soap in their eyes. But, we only have this fight once weekly (if I remember, and yeah, I know that’s pretty bad statistics).


4 responses to “Tub Time

  1. I think once a week is plenty for washing long hair. I remember mine used to get so ratty sometimes, my mom would just put it in a bun for a day or two. Have you ever tried those visors I’ve seen in catalogs for keeping soap out of eyes?

  2. Hahaha. . . I love this. I think we all played with the same bath toys that you had as a kid too. I can still remember that silly fishing boat with the fishing rod that you’d have to snap into place. Thanks for the fun memories!

  3. Lizzy’s hair is getting so long! Cute pictures!

  4. Sheesh, I just had to catch up on a jillion new Jill posts! Fun! Where is that ballet school? Is it new? Your kids are so darn cute and you are such a fun, adventurous mom.

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