Toodie Visits


 So I was cleaning in my bathroom a couple of weeks ago when I heard the front door open. I thought it was my sister Christina who had been staying with me for a couple of weeks. I started hollering for her to let her know where I was and I opened the bathroom door and there was my old neighbor Toodie from Salt Lake City Utah standing in front of me. She, her husband Roy, and Katie decided to take a 7 hour detour on the way home from Seattle and come visit our family. What a royal treat. Now you have to understand Toodie. She is from New York, has an East Coast attitude, and knows “everything.” Truth be told she really “knows a guy” for any sort of problem, be it home repair/remodeling, medical, spiritual, mental, you get my drift. She has become a 3rd grandma to my kids and they adore she and Roy. Well, they stayed less than 24 hours and their visit was talked about for a week by my kids. Now, Toodie tends to do all things overboard, and her 22 hour visit did not dissapoint. It was complete with new costumes for the kids, McDonald’s for Lunch, she even brought her own homemade spaghetti sauce and cooked dinner for my family the day she arrived. The kids squeeled with delight at the fact that Papa Roy made paper airplanes with them, Katie had brought Copper (who we consider one of our own family pets), and they were completely pampered by Toodie. Well, they definitely made an impact. We sure miss them and it’s evident they miss us!


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