School Supply Shopping


Every year the school system here gives parents a list of items that are needed for their children in each of their classrooms. I think they secretly receive funds under the table from Fred Meyer, Target, Walmart, etc., in fueling their August economy. So this task generally falls on my mother-in-laws shoulders as it is easier to take my one child shopping for his school supplies rather than me with all 4 kids begging for toys, candies, pencils, books, candies, DVDs and did I mention candy? Well, my sweet mother-in-law was unavailable as she was 4,000 miles away with, at the time, no return date, so I took it upon myself to take all 4 kids with me to get “The List” of school supplies. Naturally, the girls, desperately needed something of their own for the preschool so it was not as inexpensive as it should have been. Thank goodness these box stores put all of these items in one handy location for parents to gather for their children. We survived….but just barely.

 Now, as far as school clothing I remember when I was a kid I received a school outfit. Not more than one, but it definitely was complete with shoes, pants, and a new shirt. The same will be a memory for my own kids. I thought we would start with shoes and then eventually complete their outfits with sale items from the usual stores. Well, we went to Payless because who pays more? Besides, it was BOGO 1/2 price time and that is when I definitely do my shopping. Well, I went their for tennis shoes for Andrew, black church shoes for Lizzy, and nothing for Sophie (as she really, really, really doesn’t need another shoes) and I walked out with nothing for Andrew, white sandals for Lizzy, and tennis shoes for Sophie. I had had a melt down and couldn’t handle listening to another child cry for the specific shoe they NEEDED!

Next, it was a trip to the mall where we were going to desperately find the shoe Andrew so desperately had to have. He kept describing a “Sneaker with an S” and it had to be black and red. Well, after trips to Kohls, JC Penney, Maceys, Sports Authority, Johnson’s shoes (mind you I had 4 children, one stroller, and it was lunch time), and then…at last…Famous Footwear had the shoe he just had to have, the Sneaker (which was a Sketcher), was there, the only problem was that it was $40. My mouth dropped as I realized, after all the energy trying to find the shoe, I was ready to tell him no because I just don’t spend $40 on kids shoes. Well, fatigue had set in, fight was gone, and I got him his shoes (but only after realizing that this store too was having a BOGO sale and I just had to have this cute little pair of sneakers for myself, therefore relagating his shoe to 1/2 price.

 So, in summary: a pair of white sandals, a pair of princess tennis shoes, a pair of sketchers, a pair of mother’s sneaker that I just had to have, Wendy’s junk food in the mall, and one crying 9 month old who his mother forgot his baby bottle, I realize a little of how my mom felt taking 8 school shopping and hope Brian doesn’t look at the credit card bill.

(Pictures above: Andrew calling his grammy to tell her about his new school outfit he is wearing and shoes that are sooooo cool.)


2 responses to “School Supply Shopping

  1. Funny story to read, probably not so funny during the moment! Thanks for sharing!
    Andrew’s looking sharp in his new shoes.

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