My Little Ballerinas


Laugh all you want, especially since I am the ultimate TomBoy, but I enrolled my little girls in Ballet classes. Lizzy and Sophie are so excited they can barely control their bodies. We went to a Ballet Fair where there was a little tea party complete with punch and cookies, a craft where they made princess wands, and then a 40 minute program where the Rogue Valley School of Ballet students at each level performed for the crowd. Lizzy and Sophie were mesmorized. Lizzy kept tugging on me saying she wants to do that. Then, at the end they, they had the children stand up and they taught them some ballet positions. Now, hopefully this investment will pay off with the girls being able to dance at the caliber of their Aunt Anne and Aunt Liz. Regardless, aren’t they cute in their little clothing? 


One response to “My Little Ballerinas

  1. Just came across your blog, lovely. I got 2 boys and they are not into ballet, so I do envy you a bit.

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