Ode to Canada


 Since many of the Hall Clan have just returned from Canada the kids have received some special gifs. This is Ethan and my attempt to display in picture form his Maple Leaf Canada shirt given to him by his daddy. The kids all received ROOTS shirts which they all adore! Good job dad! I have many memories of my own gifts from Canada. My Grandma Woolley is from Vancouver, Canada and she would give us Canada shirts complete with Maple leaves and also my favorite carmel candy bar is from Canada. We would receive surprise packages in the mail from my great uncle Stan where we would find many of these carmels. Oh, my mouth is salivating right now! Anyways, since both of our sides of the family are full Canadians, Brian and I have decided that with our halves together our kids could be considered full Canadians. Does this help them with Ethnicity on their college applications? Nope. So I guess we will use good old Great Grandpa Jose Ramon Martinez for that one! I can just picture it now, our next child…..Jose Hall? or Buenaventura Hall (another family name)? or Mehitabal Hall or Artemisia Hall (Brian’s clan). Don’t we love our family tree!


One response to “Ode to Canada

  1. haha…I love the names. Mehitabal for sure. By the way, I think you are a Fall…my bad!

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