People give compliments in many different ways. Some layer on gooey lovey dovey flatterings pretty thick, others give you what sounds more like an insult but it really is a compliment.

Brian paid me the sweetest compliment on Sunday. He called from Canada and said, “Jill, as much as you annoy me, you don’t annoy me half as much as the rest of the people in this world.”

Andrew loves to be gooey lovey with me. Everytime I help him or give him something he says, “Thank you mom. I love you.” When I actually do my hair, makeup and put decent clothes on, he also says, “Mom, you look beautiful today.”  He is a very sweet boy.

Lizzy is more her dad’s cut. When I am not wearing the appropriate shoe choice, she replies, “Mom, let’s wear your pretty shoes today.” And she quickly runs and gets my only pair of high heeled shoes.

Sophie is more actions than words. She is a world class kisser and hugger. She loves to snuggle with you, sit on your lap, and cuddle. She loves to talk, and is now learning to say “Thank you” more often.

Ethan, well all of his actions are pretty self-centered still. Rarely will he cuddle, rarely will he give you the smile, the high five, or the wave when you want it. BUT, when he wants to give it, he will. He is my first little guy to really get excited when he sees either Brian or myself. When others are holding him, he lunges for me. I love it. And what better gift can a mother have than when she feeds her infant son a bottle at 4 am, that he sits there snuggling with me in the quiet of the night.

 I love my compliments.


9 responses to “Compliments

  1. I hope I wasn’t the one doing the annoying!

  2. Oh, Christina. It was definitely me annoying Brian that day — weren’t you there? I’m sure he was as thrilled to go home as I was — 4 days in very close proximity was not so good for the Brian-Liz relationship. I’m glad I helped him appreciate you more, Jill!

  3. oh Brian…silly head.

  4. I love how alike our husbands are! Of course I’m easily annoyed by people as well. The other day, doug says to me, “Sarah, if Samuel is half as smart as me, he’ll probably be smarter than you… in math.” I think that was a compliment concerning Samuel’s math prowess. I’m hoping it wasn’t an insult to my own lack of good math genes!

  5. sillyjillybean

    You guys are cracking me up. Liz, Christina, no fears, Brian’s comment wasn’t directed at any single person. Sarah, Brian said the very same thing to me about Andrew’s engineering skills. I definitely tried to not take it as an insult. AND, last night we happen to come across an old movie with Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers and he was totally shocked that I knew who they were! I mean, shocked!

  6. My compliment to Jill – You amaze me with what you can accomplish in a day!

  7. SO classic Brian. For heaven’s sake. What a butt. (I can say that because I consider myself one of few people who gets Brian and can dish back as much crap as he dishes me. 🙂 )

  8. Ha! I love what Lizzy said. Cracks me up!! Mark and I both got a kick out of that. ps I was told yesterday that Emma looks like Lizzy. Cute huh?

  9. AnneJeanette

    Anne. . . It must be some power that comes with the name becuase Jill is always telling me how I’m one of a few people who can actually get back at Brian. hahahah! Love it and yes. . . .I love Brian to.

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