March (Part I)

March was a fun month this year. We had beautiful weather in Medford and we were able to go to the snow covered mountains of Utah. Another Martin child married (making my mother happy-3 down, 5 to go!) and the kids got to play with their aunts and uncles. Here are the first half of the March highlights.

342007-014.jpg 342007-015.jpg

Ethan had his first tastes of solid foods with rice cereal and he loved it! He is my first child to eat rice cereal and we have gone through several boxes and he still loves it even today.


After his first week of me feeding him solids, he showed his fierce independence (sounds Lizziesque) and now wants to feed himself.


And he is definitely his father’s son because he loves pizza (all that is left on his tray is a bit of crust!)


My dancing ladies love to wear their pretty ballerina outfits. Sophie is still wearing her nearly every week. Lizzy, well, she just prefers to change outfits hourly (largely because of an overactive bladder!)


I just think this picture of Ethan is so cute!


This is my first inagural pony ride. I am too scared and must be led around by Brian. The kids are naturals. I was really excited to ride and now hope for more rides with Brian.


No trip to the farm is complete without a visit to our favorite feathered friends. Also, grandpa Hall worked hard all spring cutting back bushes, shrubs, pruning trees, and making a giant burn pile.


March was also Roger’s birthday. Rozanne made a divine minced meat pie which she proudly gave him (check out Rogers smile!). I made a German chocolate cake for the rest of the dinner party to partake of complete with a tractor! We also used our cute little candle holders Rozanne gave us for special birthday occasions. The girls blew grandpa’s candles out!


Andrew was sure that his muscles were finally bigger than his dad’s and so Brian challenged him to an arm wrestle where Andrew was quickly reminded his dad is the strongest man in the universe!


One day Ethan was crying, not very hard, and I was preoccupied with the girls. I came in to get him out of his bouncer chair to come join us and this is what I found. My cute little chunk sound asleep in his chair. Look at that beautiful cranium.


Yep, he woke up happy as a clam less than 20 minutes later….ready to eat some rice cereal!


Another exciting event was Grandpa’s new little “tractor.” Grandpa says there is always room for another John Deere in this family. The kids probably love this one the best as they have had many rides on it with Grandpa. Andrew says that when he is 16 he wants to drive this tractor as his first car.

March Part II will come soon.


2 responses to “March (Part I)

  1. Oh my word! I get tired just lookin at all the work you do to put these posts . I feel so lazy and uninspired!

  2. I LOVE Dad’s huge smile about the pie! And hey, I learned how to “drive” on the riding mower…so I can see where Andrew’s coming from… 🙂

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