My Nana’s Garden


My mother-in-law has an amazing garden. She cultivates and cares for it with such love. During the summer it is not uncommon for my children to bound out of the car when we arrive at Nana’s house and state that they want to see the status of “their” pumpkins that Nana let helped them plant. 62007-rozannes-pictures-011.jpgI hear them often comment about “Nana’s Garden.”62007-rozannes-pictures-102.jpg I am so happy that they get to participate in this wonderful opportunity every summer.

When I was a child I too had a Nana and she too had a garden. Many trips to Nana’s house were spent in the backyard. My Grandpa was a smoker back then and the backyard was the only breathable air you could have while visiting. With 8 kids in our family, it was also hard for us to fit in my Nana’s living room. Her back yard was amazing and had a wonderful garden, sandbox, swingset, and many little pottery items she had made and scattered throughout the backyard. My favorite were the little elves she had decorated. My brother Cameron and sister Michelle and I would go around the backyard to see if their were any new pottery items my Nana had made. We would always claim which ones were our favorite too. Nana would often give my parents one of the many pottery creations she had made. I have a lot of fun memories in this backyard, especially with my cousins. 

 I recently took a very quick trip to Utah and was able to spend a small visit with my Nana. She invited us into the backyard where she still has a beautiful garden. She delighted my children in allowing them to help her pick ripe vegetables and to dig up onions and potatoes. My kids loved this and they followed her around the entire garden. Watching them brought back many memories of my own childhood in this backyard.


In my head I thought to myself that this little visit would be so reminiscent of days gone by if she had just made some pottery item. At the end of my visit she invited me in to show my her little creations she had just made and wanted to know which one my mother would want. At that moment, I knew my visit felt complete! 72007-nana-turnbow-visit-017.jpg I love my Nana’s garden. I love my Nana.


2 responses to “My Nana’s Garden

  1. Jill, would your mother want one of those? They are so interesting/unusual. I’m so glad that your kids have a Nana’s garden just like you did. I’m a little jealous — I love being in Oregon for the harvest in August. Nothing like a Rozanne dinner straight from the garden.

  2. I can’t wait to have a garden like that someday (Ok mine won’t be quite as good…but fun just the same) What fun memories!

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