Butts and Guts



My children were sick this weekend. As much as I like an easy day with the kids, I prefer them animated and mobile rather than lethargic and listless. This was made worse by the volume of linen I cleaned as I had diarrhea in one child’s linen and vomit in the other’s. with repeat offenders, even at night. Thank goodness for my mom letting me vent about my sick kids and my mother-in-law for homemade soup. At one point I was so tired myself that as Sophie was throwing up in the trash can in the kitchen I thought to myself, at least I can let that sit and empty it tomorrow since it is not linen. I did just that, and now my entire can and under area in my kitchen cabinet reak of vomit. I think we watched 72 straight awake hours of cartoon network/nickelodeon and believe it or not, I started to think some of these cartoons were funny. I am glad we are almost through with this ordeal. And to think, I still purchased cherry syrup slurpees for these kids with the potential threat of vomit later. I don’t think my head is on straight lately. 


2 responses to “Butts and Guts

  1. I am so sorry, Jill. That is the worst possible type of laundry. I get the sheets off the bed, and then think, now what? Do I scrape off the chunky stuff? With what? Do I just throw this in the washer and take my chances? Do I pretreat? Soak? It’s just the worst. Glad you’re almost to the end.

  2. Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?….He has started to grow on me. We have been a sicky household all winter and my 5 year old has been obsessed with SpongeBob. Then we took a trip to Great America where low and behold, we got to meet him. My favorite cartoon she has talked about lately had something to do with him breaking his butt and somehow landing himself in an I-run butt. At least that’s how she says it. It must be similar to the iron lung.
    Sorry about the bio-hazard in your house. Yuck!

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