I was talking with Rozanne the other day about blogging and how I had nothing interesting to write about and no new pictures. She made the comment that I should blog about what was happening right then, Lizzy making a mess in my kitchen. She had poured orange soda, skittles, and a chocolate candy in a white mixing bowl (that was being used for Sophie’s nausea and yes….later vomiting) and was playing kitchen. It was a classic Lizzy antic complete with me saying repeatedly stop that or else!

 So then last night I bought the children very small Slurpees (yes, I resisted) complete with allowing them to get cherry flavoring (yes, I am stupid). I then proceeded to find all 3 uneaten Slurpees scattered all over the place. I found Andrew’s on his night stand. I am fuming in my head as I think of the consequences that could have occurred had I not found this Slurpee and I am preparing my scolding lecture in my head as I am walking out of the room and at that precise moment, I drop the Slurpee, sending cherry syrup everywhere (walls, ceiling and carpet). I then proceed to lecture myself complete with getting the carpet cleaner out to clean up the mess. Ethan finds the cord to the cleaner quite delightful for his teething gums.

 You wouldn’t think this could get worse until I find another Slurpee on the night stand in the girls room and again I am livid and again, I spill, this time in the hallway. Why I couldn’t hold onto these things? I don’t know. Then, I have just gotten home from swimming with the kids at Rozanne’s and I am cleaning out the car and find the last missing Slurpee, still stationed in its spot in the car, 3/4ths of the way full. I grab it and get a handful of mold (from a banana that had been sliced open and left untouched for who knows how long, I obviously hadn’t seen it and I am suppose to be the clean freak). I then walk the slurpee to the out door garbage can where as I am taking the lid off, I spill it on the side walk.

Just now, no joke, not even 10 minutes ago. Lizzy comes up to me and asks, “Can we go and get a Slurpee tonight?”


7 responses to “Slurpees

  1. HA HA HA HA! Is this Murphy’s law at work, Jill? I think so, but I’m always getting those laws mixed up. hope you got all the syrupy mess cleaned up, that stuff can be terribly sticky (and attracts the ants like honey!)

  2. I thought there would surely be a comment from Anne, who loved Slurpees!!

  3. Sorry to add to your grief, but one day it will be nail polish on the carpet, polish remover on the wooden table, lipstick on the wall and the list goes on and on… it never stops… We have seen this and more with 6 daughters… just enjoy stepping on the myriad of leggos on the floor, ants in the kitchen and bedroom as they gobble up the morsels left behind by the kids… All too soon babies grow up and move away. Just hope that they don’t move far away… Papa Martinez

  4. Man motherhood is messy. I love slurpees though. Maybe we’ll get one today. And consume it entirely outside! Seriously, my kids are a little older, but they’re pretty good about eating something messy outside — it is a huge sanity-preserver, if you ask me. I’m not as good at stain removal as you are either, as evidenced by the large purple spot on my basement carpet.

  5. Ahhhh . . . I think I need to do a slurpee run!

    You kill me! I actually really wish I was there! This would have been pretty funny to have witnessed!

  6. I feel like calling Doug right now to get me a slurpee on his way home. My kids are in bed though, I can’t have that stuff anywhere near them! I can hardly have it near me! We have strict rules about only eating in tiled areas of the house!

  7. OK, this was hilarious! Although it definitely wouldn’t have seemed funny at the time. 🙂

    Yes, I do love me a good slurpee. I like to mix Coke and cherry. mmmmm.

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