Knights and Ladies

72007-knights-and-ladies-003.jpgThe Michels twins are some of my children’s best friends. They played nights and ladies today complete with slaying the dragon and rescuing the ladies. 72007-knights-and-ladies-008.jpg The kids play so well together I actually have a break from parenting. Just wish it lasted more than 15 minutes before one of them comes in crying!


4 responses to “Knights and Ladies

  1. Did you ever have such cool dress-up clothes? Man your kids are lucky!

  2. We should hook up your sister and my brother! He’ll be home really soon!

    what cute kids you have!

  3. So I’ve been catching up–you’re a blogging machine, Jill! Did you guys ever find the ducks??!!

  4. Anne, the ducks are still gone, I am so sad to report.

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