Fisherman Andrew

Andrew has really become quite the fisherman. 72007-lake-of-the-woods-daytrip-004.jpg  He has caught many Perch off the dock at Lake of the Woods. 72007-lake-of-the-woods-daytrip-002.jpg  So has Elizabeth! 72007-lake-of-the-woods-daytrip-005.jpg  Since his first experience with a catch he has been hooked on going to Lake of the Woods and fishing. Brian felt like it was time for him to go on a real trip. He woke Andrew up at 5am and they drove 90 minutes to the Umpqua River where they had a delightful day catching Bass fish with their good friends the Rajagopal’s. 72007-father-son-fishing-003.jpg  He thought Andrew would make it 3-4 hours at the most, but they fished for 7 hours and amongst the 4 of them they caught 50 fish! 72007-father-son-fishing-013.jpg  The best thing about these fish was once caught on the line, they would fight all the way in and sometimes succeed at getting unhooked, so this was most exciting for Andrew. 72007-father-son-fishing-002.jpg The fishermen returned around 6pm and we had a fish fry that night!


One response to “Fisherman Andrew

  1. How fun for Andrew! Joshua loves going fishing with his Dad too. Sweet memories.

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