Ethan Is Learning To Crawl


Ethan started to make his first attempts at crawling about 2 weeks ago. He would move one knee forward then fall to the ground. His favorite was backing up commando style and then pushing himself into the sitting position. 72007-ethan-learning-to-crawl-002.jpgWithin the past 24 hours he has figured out how to go more than 2 scoots forward and tonight while on the phone with my mom, he crawled over to a wingbacked chair and pulled himself up to standing. I was so happy for him but so sad that another phase of his little big infancy has passed. I love this little guy.72007-ethan-learning-to-crawl-003.jpg


2 responses to “Ethan Is Learning To Crawl

  1. That kid’s amazing! If my body mass versus height ratio was like his, I think I’d stick to lying down. He must have fantastic stomach muscles under all of those rolls 😉

  2. Wish you were coming for visit too, we’d love to meet the big guy!

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