72007-bear-lake-092.jpg  I get this comment from people lots, “How do you do it? How do you have time for all that you do?”  Now, I am not bragging, nor am I trying to sound like I have figured things out. The truth of the matter is that I have a really hard time being idle, smelling the flowers, soaking life in. Unfortunately, when I am 90 I am sure that I will wish I would have slowed down for a minute. Now, I am writing this as a personal acknowledgement that I need to slow down and enjoy life a little. For me, life without one of my lists of things to do is fruitless. I am driven by multitasking. I guess what would be most helpful would be to change my list of things to do and write some uncharacteristic things on there. For example: leave the kitchen messy for one whole day and instead sit and play dollies with the girls, or, don’t do the laundry till your exercising is done (I am sure I would exercise more efficiently if I couldn’t do my laundry), or, now this is a big one, blog when the kids go to bed-not while their awake and you are ignoring them. Now, normally I do blog at night but I have been on a binge of blogging right now and I think my kids are getting fed up with it. Somethings are hardwired into you. Just ask my 80 year old grandma who is e-mailing me her journal entries which I can see, plain as day, being me when I am 80. Love ya grandma! But we both need to chill!  Maybe you and me can grab a chick flick when I am in town next!


5 responses to “Efficiency

  1. Well we missed you when you were gone (except that I got to see you in real life!) so thanks for all of the make-up posts!

    I think this might be the area in which you and I are polar opposites. I often have days when I think “Be Jill. Be Jill.” so I can get it all done! But, I have also realized in my mature 30s 🙂 that we are all different and that what we need to do is capitalize on our strengths and not be too hard on ourselves. So, it is ok that you are always on the go and never sit down — though I hope you pay attention when your RA starts to flare. Enjoy how much you get done! And it’s ok that I am a world-class relaxer. I still get things done, just not quite at your pace!

  2. Hello Carol. . . oh I mean Jill! haha. . . And it’s in your jeans. . . I mean genes. I wish I could buy a pair of jeans that would make me more like you and mom. I know it’s there in me. . . I’m just a little slow to recognize it. Really you should see my room- Michelle made me pick it up this weekend! So you think your kitchen going un tidy for a day is a stretch- how about neglecting to do anything with your room for a whole month! Love ya and love the posts!

  3. I love how Liz called herself a world-class relaxer! Great. And how she pointed out that we all need to cut ourselves some slack and play on our strengths. Jill, I think you’re amazing! And if you need a “Relax and smell the roses” lesson, I’d be happy to tutor you (sounds like Liz could help, too.) But what I could teach at the collegiate level is “How to Waste Time on the Internet 101” — it’s something I’m trying to bridle.

  4. One of my favorite things that you ever said to me was that you and I would bould be ideal sister wives! I could do all the cooking, and you could do all the cleaning! Now all we have to do is choose a husband to share!

  5. Try living with an over-achiever… I get tired… but then again… I like a nicely dusted house with carpets that are shampooed weekly because of a dog that can’t get it right! Anyone want a miniture poodle? I know where you can get one…. cheap… unless you consider the cost of the shampoo, carpet cleaning machine and the grief that I get when he does “his thing” on the carpet. $$$

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