A Big Pumpkin Leaf

72007-nanas-summer-garden-011.jpg 72007-nanas-summer-garden-009.jpg

My parents were able to get a seed packet with two pumpkin seeds in it from the prize winning largest pumpkin from Utah Valley. Knowing their limitations in gardening due to recent landscaping, they gave the seeds a good home with Nana Hall to be used in her garden. Rozanne planted seeds that she had purchased which looked like this. 72007-nanas-summer-garden-002.jpg Then she had the pumpkin seeds that Steven had saved from his previous pumpkins and they looked like this (pretty impressive!).72007-nanas-summer-garden-003.jpg And then, there is the prize winning pumpkin seeds in their current growth! 72007-nanas-summer-garden-007.jpg72007-nanas-summer-garden-006.jpg The leaves are great and now…..we are just waiting for a pumpkin!


One response to “A Big Pumpkin Leaf

  1. All of our pumpkin seeds were dug up and eaten, no pumpkins for us this year.

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