I am miserably hot. I have been basking in temperatures in the high 90’s to low 100’s and I can even see the impact in the energy level of my children when outdoors. We have spent lots of time in pools which has been helpful. So I thought I would write about February and try to get back to some sense of coolness.

Now, for February, aah the month of LOVE. I love February, it usually means a good restaurant on valentines day followed by some heckling over the insane amount of advertising for that perfect gift. My gift is always the same, a hug, a kiss, a classic Brian Hall comment such as, “So you have put up with me for another year!” and a dinner, this year an early dinner at McGraf’s as Brian was on call and squeezed it in between cases and the company (his parents) couldn’t have been more delightful.



First of all Ethan was a cute 3 1/2 month old in February. The beige outfit he is wearing was the outfit Andrew wore for the first time when he was 4 months and we were going to find out where Brian matched for residency. The other two outfits were my favorite on Ethan with his blue eyes and blond hair accentuated nicely.  Ethan still loved his binky in February, unlike today. I wish we could go back to the binky days sometimes. And of course, Tiger #2 is visably important in Ethan’s life. Sophie loaned him a baby doll and he liked that too (but not so much his father). I love his angry look in the bouncer seat, he is saying GET ME OUT OF THIS AND HOLD ME!

22007-rock-climbing-lizzie2.jpg 22007-rock-climbing-andrew.jpg22007-rock-climbing-lizzie3.jpg

All 3 of the older kids got invited to a birthday party for a child in our neighborhood. It was held at a rock climbing gym. At $17.50 a kid and 25 kids, I was mortified that Sophie refused to go past the first fake rock. That was a mighty expensive rock. Andrew and Lizzie were naturals and I was so grateful that they were 2 of a handful of kids who actually climbed for nearly the entire hour we had the place to ourselves. They both conquered many routes and I was impressed that Lizzie had no fear. This gym even had rock climbing gear for toddlers from the age of 18 months and onward. I am going to stick with my princess birthday cakes and cheap pinatas.


This is me trying to magnify my calling. I was the YW basketball coach for the 2nd year and I loved every minute of it but toting 4 kids with you while doing it made it quite the challenge. The other challenge came in the form of 19 YW showing up to games and only being able to play 5 at a time with a running 8 minute clock for 4 quarters. Despite this we had a winning season (8-2) and had fabulous practices as we had enough players for full court scrimmages.


ABK gymnastics every once in a while does a random rock climbing day during gymnastics and this was one of them. Andrew scampered up the course and could say he was an expert this month at rock climbing. Oh, to have his body frame and muscles….I am envious. I am going to get back into shape. Right now if I tried to climb a rock I would need Brian pushing my butt upward. You should have seen me on the 4th of July trying to heave my body onto the dock while being submerged in the lake water.


This is our friend Todd. He is an honest to goodness horse whisperer. He was who hooked us up with our horsies. He has on occasion, shown up on our doorstep and spent the weekend (he lives in Utah). It looks like he might make Medford his home and with all the horses around here it might be a perfect fit. Also, he is 41, and single, any takers?

 So this was February, not so busy of a month which is good. That means less time in my car of course and more time in the home. My favorite!


6 responses to “February

  1. Jill, how are you finding time for the prolific blogging this week? Something new every time I click on your link — I love it!

  2. I would like to scond Liz’s comment. I feel like I just looked here yesterday, and now there’s a whole slew of new posts!
    p.s. I love the whole caterpillar thing. I can’t wait to show the pictures to Samuel tomorrow.

  3. Jill,
    This has been so fun to read your 9 million posts! You are making me excited to live in Oregon! 🙂

  4. I have a great neighbor who’s single – if the horse whisperer wants to come to Canada!

  5. I cannot believe your children are old enough to climb up rock walls. Also, ethan is real real cute. I want to suck on his face! You are really a fabulous blogger. Your children will thank you someday, when unlike me, their entire childhood history is not in messy boxes on the spare bedroom floor.

  6. So Sister just wipped a tear from the cheek ..fttt…. Missing the kids already…ok and you!!! Loved your visit and was happy to report no trips to the emergency, no scraps or bruises, just tons of good woolley family fun that nobody really understands….right. It’s about family! You are one of the greatest sisters. Thanks for coming and sacraficing. Love you sister. Can’t wait to see you in Sept.

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