72007-a-sunday-at-the-ranch-002.jpgWhat do you say about a sister who sacrifices a month of her high school summer to come hang out with her very “old” sister and her 4 kids? Not only does she come visit but she cleans, scrubs, weeds, and babysits constantly! Her sister has this giant list of “to-do’s” that are to be completed by the time she leaves and she helps her complete nearly every one of them. More importantly, she nourishes my soul with her thoughtful conversation, random thoughts, hillarious opinions and endless texting. She left this past Saturday and sweet Chelsea you are very missed!


Ethan misses his teeter-totter rides in the park!


Lizzie misses the trips to the spray parks!


Sophie misses your failed attempts in the kitchen (she takes after her sister and these were suppose to be cookies!). But your zucchini bread was delicious!


Andrew misses the weekly trips to the lake and the great fishing and swimming! We also miss the fact that we can’t say, “Chelsea, Chelsea, run and go up to the cabin and get the camera. We caught another fish!” OR “Chelsea, will you sit on the dock and watch the kids while I go inside and read People Magazine?”


Jill misses the random words that would come out of your mouth like, “I never thought that outerspace would be cold…..” She also misses the random occurances that always would happen with you around like raccoons in the park!


 Ethan misses you holding him during swim lessons because now he has been demoted to the grass because his mom is too busy playing with her new cell phone and dad’s I-pod.

72007-little-creek-daytrip-008.jpg72007-little-creek-daytrip-003.jpg72007-little-creek-daytrip-017.jpgI also miss our random excursions inspired by Sarah R. where we found ourselves in Lake Creek (pop. 12) and got our picture taken on the historic Lake Creek Bridge (built 1887).


Rozanne misses you because you appreciated her garden, took care of Jill, entertained the grandbabies, and gave her a 1 month vacation from us.


Roger misses you because you liked to see his ducks, liked to visit the ranch, would watch him irrigate (and take 3-4 year old girls with small bladders 1/4 mile back to the house to potty), and would have painted his fence had Jill put that higher on the “to-do list.”


Dianne, Shelby, and Chelsea C. miss you hangin’ with them. And no one will forget Chelsea C. sitting in a white skirt on a plate of fruit and chocolate. Susan C. says there are more treats for another visit if you come again this summer or spend the school year here!


Brian misses you because you were the first Martin to know how to ride a horse. He also misses you keeping the house cleaner, quieter, and his wife happier! He said the horse he promised is still waiting.


Well, we love you Chelsea and hope you come visit again real soon!


4 responses to “Chelsea

  1. oh man jill your like the greatest! I loved every min. i was out there. well almost ever min. i mean ethans poopy pants were fun and all but……….haha anywho thank you very much and i’ll be visiting you soon….hopefully

  2. I’m always a little jealous when you have a sister there! Every mother of 4 needs a Chelsea — I bet you miss her like crazy! Chelsea, if you miss all those little kids, I’m just a short drive up I-15 😉

  3. wow Jill, it always sounds like your family is so great. I love to hear about everyone’s fun summers. I hope I can have a Chelsea when I grow up too.

  4. How fun to have your sister out to visit. Looks like you guys kept busy. The Martin sisters are soo beautiful!

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