I love little coincidences that occur in everyday life. Two have occurred for me just this last week. I began reading a book that is based on a story surrounding a circus. So for the past week I have noticed many circus related comments and also, my own children chose to watch Dumbo the day I finished the book. How random?

Then, on Tuesday night, I read my children a Little Critter Book (love them!) about Little Critter’s school project 61aeb9cx5hl_bo2204203200_pisitb-dp-500-arrowtopright45-64_ou01_aa240_sh20_1.jpgwhich happened to be all about Caterpillars. We read how they eat, grow, and change into butterflies. Well, on Wednesday, around lunchtime, my brother-in-law Steven who was visiting stops by with a giant glass jar complete with milkweek and a caterpillar. monarchcat1.jpg

He tells us that he used to collect caterpillars as a child and watch them change into a chrysallis and then into a butterfly. By Thursday morning the caterpillar was in a “J” position. monarch-cat-29-07-061.jpgBy lunchtime, it had built its chrysallis and we are all watching the transformation in live action form! 4_monarch_chrysalis1.jpgThe kids are delighted and squeeled when they watched the caterpillar creates its chrysallis. It has a beautiful gold rim and Steven says that’s where the chrysallis will open and the butterfly comes out. I love little coincidences and this one has been a royal treat!


One response to “Coincidence

  1. Your pictures are so great!! I LOVE reading these blogs, which I can only do because you once again fixed my computer!!

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