The Name Game


So recently I found out that my sweet sister-in-law Kathryn was going to have another baby boy! Pregnancy is hard on Kathryn as she is constantly nauseated and puking daily for the first 5 months so it is amazing to me that she is having a 5th child (probably even more amazing to her own mother).


Now, this is exciting news for the family, yet quite sad news for little Bridget who at this point thinks the only way she will ever get a sister is by getting one in China. I let my kids know today that Aunt K was going to have a baby boy and asked them if they had any advice for what their cousin should be named. Here were their responses:

Andrew: RJ

Lizzie: Homey (no joke)

Sophie: Ricky

Andrew’s thoughts on what Nana might have said: Nick

Andrew’s thoughts on what Grandpa would have said: Roger

Jill’s thoughts: Magnus (as this goes so well with Seamus and who are we kidding, all the Hall Brown boys will be giant, muscular, smart men who will rule the world!)

We love you Kathryn and hope your pregnant sick days end quickly!


5 responses to “The Name Game

  1. I can’t believe I got this news on your blog, Jill! What’s up with our family grapevine? So I asked Ben what they should name the new boy and first he said “I don’t know” then he said, “Is Rumplestiltskin a real name?”

  2. Too bad Blaine can’t play the name game. Well I guess he could, but then it would either be Ball Hall-Brown or Ma-Ma Hall-Brown. I’m sure K and Stu will choose something perfect, as they always do. I have to say though–poor little Bridge. I love having sisters and sisters-in-law so darn much. If K and Stu could just move to the Rogue Valley then she could grow up with her girlie cousins. Stu, are you out there? Maybe you could do HR for Cropper Medical. 🙂

  3. Congrats to Kathryn. How wonderful! We’ll support Magnus – no one will mess with a kid named Magnus.

  4. lovelydainty

    Ditto on the congrats! We love all the names above, just don’t choose Hammer of Thor or Spongebob because we’ve had our heart set on those name for our new baby!

  5. We are elated to hear the great news… Stu and K. Just think you could do a Martin thing… have 8 and then you can have a birthday in nearly every month of the year and use all the cute names that you have heard or seen on your classroom rolls… however, I did let my BYU students vote for names…. Michelle could have been Tiffany or Jessica… Russell Brady was always Russell Brady for the previous three sisters… We are really lucky that Cameron didn’t choose GrizeldaClutchbutt for our fourth daughter, Dyana. His orders to us as we left for the hospital…” If it isn’t a brother… just leave it!” We love all of these kids… and our in-law’s families… You are a great asset to our family. Love all of you! Glenn…. Papa Martinez

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