My Dad


Dear Dad,

 I love you so much and wish you were 800 miles closer so I could give you a hug, smell your cologne, listen to you sing, and go speed walking with you. I love you daddy.


 Reasons why I love my dad:

1) I love to hear him sing with his favorite two ladies, Helen Reddy and Karen Carpenter 2) He loves to fold laundry and watch beauty pageants at the same time. 3) His normal walk is a run (and this is on really short legs). 4) He wears funny ties no one else would ever wear. 5) He volunteers to be school lunch monitor. 6) He thinks leading the music while driving is normal. 7)Swimming pools are to be observed, not participated in. 8)He thinks a good car freshener is one you purchase in the bathroom freshener aile at the grocery store. 9) A porcelein throne should always come complete with an Ensign Magazine and be utilized for up to an hour after work daily. 10) Being a Bishop means giving approximately 45 funerals talks within 5 years. 11) Singing Kenny Rogers songs with his cassette player while weeding in the yard is a normal Saturday activity. 12) Only needing to sleep till 4 am is good for your health. 13) The zucchini, egg, and corn dish must be a staple at all summer meals. 14) Driving 800 miles a day on family vacations while singing “Where is Heaven?” acapella with the family is a normal thing. 15) Having one arm sunburned after driving 800 miles through the desert is a normal thing. 16) Losing you bug-eyed glasses occurs weekly. 17) When one goes to Bear Lake, you require at least 6 hours of napping daily. 18) He never hit me. 19) He could scare me with his angry look (and scared nearly every child and adult in the neighborhood with that look…, he’s mexican). 20) Conference Weekend in October meant homemade cheescake and dad’s overlooked birthday. 21) All major birthdays, accomplishments, holidays, must be spent at Mi Ranchitos! (Water only for the drink and please order in Spanish!). 22) Before dad is released as a Bishop he is going to call himself to the Primary as the Primary Chorister! 23) He can’t throw, jump, hit, or dribble, but will cheer, yell, sit and support you at every event you participate in. (Although I faintly remember my dad was a pretty good softball player!) 24) Daddy Easter Bunny comes two weeks late with Easter Baskets because they are a really good deal! (and get confused as requests for PROM)  25) Christmas morning meant keeping your mouth shut while you watch how your wife went crazy shopping. 26) Hot Tang is a magical medicine that cures most illnesses. 27) He always tells me he loves me and still calls me to check in on how I am doing. 28) His childhood and family life were far from ideal, if not downright depressing, but he has always remained positive and never let it hold him back from his dreams. 29) He has an unwavering testimony of the gospel. 30) Walking in on my dad praying on his knees at night was not uncommon. 31) His standards are high and he expects the same from his kids. 32) He loves me and shows me that with his actions.


8 responses to “My Dad

  1. Ditto! I laughed out loud when reading some of the memories expecially the bathroom freashner. How true each comment is. I love Dad. Recently he has turned into a detective… magnifying glass and all. He called me at work today to tell me he solved a investigation upon Brett. 😉

  2. I love your dad, too! What a great family you have!

  3. Your dad is so fun and funny and crazy — he reminds me a little of Matt’s dad, but even more of all of those things. They both don’t fit any of the male stereotypes I was raised with, making them a hoot! Always something unexpected. I’m glad your parents have become part of our family.

  4. I could add a whole slough of things I love about your dad. I can say that he’s by far the BEST principal I’ve worked with (out of 5). I can vouch for his absolute love of children and their learning. He is a compassionate and personal boss–quite a rarity. I quite often dream of going back to teaching, but then think–I only want to back to Glenn and Saratoga, not some other school and principal! Three cheers for Mr. Martin!!

  5. Your dad is one of my favorite people (your mom too). They just exude love and positive energy. Anne loved working with him so much.
    You’re definitely a lucky girl Jill.

  6. I love your dad ’cause he made you and I think you’re one of the neatest humans on this planet, Jilly Bean.

  7. We feel so blessed to know and love Glenn and be in his family! Thanks for this post, Jill.

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