Cute Things


I am afraid I will one day forget how cute my kids were when they were little, so I am writing down several cute comments said in the past few weeks.

 Sophie calls Gatorades,   “Aligators.”

Sophie calls Daddy Long Legs,  “Daddy Daddy Ling Lings”

Andrew says “I ta-got” instead of forgot. This could have something to do with the fact he is missing 4 front teeth.

Andrew says “Bread & blooder” instead of bread and butter.

Lizzie calls all baby dolls Sarah.

Lizzie loves to sing on the coffee table and mostly it is about what she is doing today. For example (sing off key and lead the music like Nana does), “I went and toooooook a bath and then…we went to costco and to albertson’s……and then mommy put me in time out because she is mean……la…la…la” 


4 responses to “Cute Things

  1. Um, Lizzie’s song—hilarious! I have been privileged to hear her make up songs as she goes along, and I can vouch that they are really something special! Good call on documenting. I don’t ever want to forget how darn cute it is when Blaine pats his chest and says “MA-MA!”

  2. Funny, funny, and funny. Good thing, ’cause if they weren’t so cute, we’d never put up with them! Oh, I mean kids in general, not your kids specifically!

  3. Lizzie’s song….funny! I wish I could be there in real life to hear it, and all your children are darling! Andrew is getting so big!!

  4. OH, I need to know this Lizzie in real life. She’s a delight in the blogiverse 🙂

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