Sweet Prayers

hall-photos-december-february-140.jpg I serve in our church’s primary association and recently have been reassigned to the sunbeam class. This class has 8 children who are nearing 4 years of age. They are a busy bunch with varied personalities. Two of them are my own children Lizzie & Sophie. I get the biggest kick out of the things these little ones say.

For example, one little boy Adam, hall-photos-december-february-143.jpgwhen saying the opening prayer said, “…and please keep us safe so that the monsters don’t get us…” 

Lizzie pimg0150_020.jpgstated in one prayer, “…and thank you so much for making Jesus so gorgeous!” 

Sophie, when asked during the lesson what the importance of our nose stated, “that’s where the boogers come out.”  Also, when I asked what Manna was (see Exodus), Sophie proclaimed, “She’s my grandma! [obviously mixing this up with Nana].

Riley, hall-photos-december-february-144.jpgwho tends to be very shy but during this specific lesson was more outspoken for some reason this time, when asked how she could be a better person yelled out “JESUS!” –usually a good bet for the right answer but not quite what I was looking for.

Probably the busiest kid in the class is little Scotty, hall-photos-december-february-150.jpgwho can barely contain himself with all the energy pulsing through his little body. Nevertheless, he still listens intensly, especially if a treat is involved. Well, last Sunday, the lesson was on the importance of our nose and mouth. We got to eat samples of different foods and also smelled different spices to utilize these senses. The kids were suppose to keep their eyes closed which, believe it or not, they were quite good at, but then, little Scotty tried and tried to keep his eyes closed but he was so excited about each next food he was signaling to us whether we should give him more or less to taste in his mouth without anyone knowing. I love these little guys.


4 responses to “Sweet Prayers

  1. “Thank you so much for making Jesus so gorgeous?!” Really?! She said that?! We are DYING LAUGHING over here! Where do they come up with this stuff?!

  2. Oh I miss those cute faces! Have you ever watched “From the Mouths of Babes” ? If not let me know and I will loan it to you…so funny!

  3. Hey Sister: I just wanted you to know that these pic and words bring me so much happiness. I want to live right next to you. Remind Roger that I am available to help on the farm anytime free hispanic labor. 🙂 ha ha!!!! Have fun with Chelsea while she is there, she literally cracks me up. Hope to see you soon. Love You Sister!!!!!

  4. Those pictures of Sophie and Lizzie are beautiful. They are growing so fast! Wish you were coming for a visit too!

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