I love to scrapbook. I love to look at these memory books and giggle over the activities, the fashion, and hair of the era. I love to ooh and aah over how cute my babies were and how they were fat and had no hair (except cute Sophie). I have accumulated a large amount of memory books and they are currently stored in my guest bathroom closet (which in no way reflects their value in terms of location). After Elizabeth’s birth I went on a scrapbooking hiatus which once initiated is very difficult to come out of. And, as you can imagine, I have accumulated a lot of pictures and memorabilia that needs to be put in a scrapbook. The boxes began to pile and it overwelmed me to the point that I could not even fathom beginning to scrapbook again. I came up with a great idea to use my sisters, Christina or Chelsea, to help me scrapbook, but, as luck would have it, when they visited, we would weed, paint, scrub, scour, or play with the kids.

I finally declared scrapbook bankrupcy and started anew with pictures from July 1st of 2005, the year we moved here to Medford. And I completed 6 months of pictures. Then, Christmas of 2005, my whole life changed when Brian brought me out of the prehistoric era of camera and film to the 21st century with digital camera picture taking. Yet, I still didn’t get it. I would take my digital pictures and download them onto a CD AND STILL MAKE PRINTS OF EACH PICTURE!!! Now, if you know anything about digital camera’s, you are no longer limited by picture count. So, in the year 2006, I took over 1,438 and nearly printed every picture (good thing Brian doesn’t read blogs). For my defense, it was a busy year with 3 family weddings, 1 birth, a Hall family reunion, a Woolley family reunion, first everythings in our new home town, and a ranch with horsies. I had reason to have so many pictures. But I didn’t really think about the fact that I could store the pictures in digital form on a CD and leave it at that until ready to scrapbook OR, better yet, use a digital online scrapbooking company.

 I became a complete convert to online scrapbooking and in just a few months of discovering this novelty, have made 2 wedding albums, the 2006 year in review books (volumes 1 and 2 of course–once again a very busy year), a book about horseshoeing, a book for my Grandma Woolley, and a book about the Ranch for my father-in-law. This whole phenomena has been such a blessing for a true scrapbook lover like myself. I will never go back. So, in summary, I am officially only 3 years of old-time scrapbooking behind (which can now be done at a leisurely rate). Now I feel great! I thought I would show you some great pictures that are/will be shortly scrapbooked. Thank-you to for your wonderful online scrapbooking program.


5 responses to “Scrapbooking

  1. Jill, this is so cool! I want to see your scrapbooks! Do you just look at it online or do they print them for you?? You are an inspiration!

  2. Ditto Anne, I want to see your albums. And then you can give me the boost I need to sign up with shutterfly. Love the pictures. Oh yeah and I need to see Ethan. If he’s growing as much as Emma he must be a toddler by now 🙂 . Lets have a playdate!

  3. Papa Martinez

    Anne, I have two books that you can look at… just give me a buzz or call and we will hang out with your family to laugh at the pictures.. We love them… clean and easy…

    Jill you are amazing…. love you… Heading out to pick up the van that the scouts had trouble with. First time visit to Kingman Arizona… about $2300 poorer for the loaning of the auto.. Love Dad

  4. I am a convert to the new online scrapbooking (haven’t started yet, but I’m going to) after looking at your books, Jill. For anyone that isn’t familiar, they are a little pricey, but try comparing the price to what you were spending on printing photos and buying scrapbook supplies. They are so slick and full of great features, one of the best of which is that they take up so much less room than an old-fashioned scrapbook. Jill, yours were going to fill up your house if you kept at the former pace, am I right?

  5. I love Shutterfly! I have even used them for luggage tags! The great thing is, once you start with them they always send free offers. Have you tried the story books? I was so impressed with quality. I would be even more impressed if I could cut down on my typos!

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